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Lightning Talks

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If you would like to register your lightning talk for consideration, please do so below:



May 4th Session


  • Alex Gaynor - django-filter
  • Honza Kral - Prague 101 (where and how to order a beer)
  • Lukas Linhart - django-sane-testing
  • Andy Smith - JaikuEngine: It's Written In Django
  • Justin Lilly - pymag
  • Benny Daon - Enterprises and Engineering (based on this book)



May 5th Session




May 6th Session



Comments (2)

Claes Ström said

at 1:41 am on May 5, 2009

We need to have some "ask the core/experts" with at least Adrian, Jacob and Simon! They are into to it if the schedule could be rearranged.... Tell Robert about it!

Claes Ström said

at 3:49 pm on May 5, 2009

Thanks Robert and "Core" for the session after the lightning talks and the maybe upcoming tomorrow!

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