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This page will contain a list ofspeakers and links to their presentations. website


May 4th

Zed Shaw - Opening Keynote

James Tauber - Django Patterns

Andrew Godwin - Migrations: Whatwhyhowwho?

Paul Smith - GeoDjango and Beyond

Justin Lily - Django at 30,000 ft: A Manager's View

Simon Willison - No title


May 5th

Honza Kral - Model Aware Validation

Michael Malone - Scaling Django Web Applications

Eric Holscher - Testing Django

Alex Gaynor - Forms, Getting Your Money's Worth

Peter Baumgartner - Customizing the Django Admin

Joe Stump - Boxing Glove


May 6th

Franz Wierzbicki - Django on Jython

David Larlet - State of the art and future of Semantic stuff in Django (panel)

Leah Culver - No title

James Tauber - State of Pinax

Joe Stump - Working with large data sets

Andy Smith - Migrating from LAMP to App Engine


Lightning talks

For lightning talks, please follow the link:

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